Putting Lessons

Have you ever had a putting lesson?

Most golfers have never had a proper putting lesson and yet for the average 18 handicap golfer the number of putts in a round account for around 1/3 of your score!

The most common phrase I hear is "I'm alright at putting" but actually most golfers are not good putters they just think they are "alright" and don't place much importance on it. Most golfers would greatly improve their scores from being better at putting. If any golfer were to ask what is the quickest way to improve my scores? Then a putting lesson would be it.

Using the Sam Putt Lab technology you will see a number of key factors including:

Face Aim

Face Angle at impact

Putter Path


Angle of Attack


Face closure rate and more.

This tells us exactly how your stroke is and what we need to do to improve your putting.

This data is then saved and can be sent to you to keep track of your improvements and progress.

Combined with video feedback and practice aids you will get a complete putting lesson. You will learn the right technique for you to be a really good, really consistent putter.

If you spend hours practicing and having lessons on the long game it makes sense to do the same with putting which is a 1/3 of your score!

Lesson Options:

1 Putting Lesson

1 x 50 minute lesson

Video and SAMPutt analysis

Emailed data and feedback


3 Putting Lessons

3 x 50 minute lessons

Video and SAMPutt analysis

Emailed data and feedback​


6 Putting Lessons

6 x 50 minute lessons

Video and SAMPutt analysis

Emailed data and feedback​