Lessons for all abilities from complete beginner to scratch player.

Adam is a qualified coach with these wide range of certifications to get a complete golf coaching approach.

PGA Qualified Professional. Industry standard certification.

Expert in the geometry and physics of the golf swing, making your swing as efficient and technically sound as possible.

TPI Golf Fitness Instructor. Expert in assessing what your physical strengths and limitations are to develop a swing to suit your body's mobility and flexibility

Stack & Tilt Network Instructor. One of the newest and advanced coaching systems. Part of a network of Professionals across the globe.

Every lesson is conducted with the use of HD slow motion video capture analysis and with Trackman launch monitor. The video analysis helps you see exatcly how you are moving and swing the club to help work on your technique. The Trackman shows you exactly how the ball is travelling and crucially exactly what the club head is doing through impact.
Without this technology you are not getting a good enough golf lesson.


Lesson options:

(All lessons are 50 minutes)

To book a lesson(s) complete one of the links below or email adam@londongolfpro.com or click here to contact.

Gold Package - £980 (Members £875)

12 Lessons

Initial Assessment

Online account/app to view swings and lessons

Silver Package - £675 (Members £605)

8 lessons

Initial Assessment

Online account/app to view swings and lessons

Bronze Package - £350 (Members £315) 

4 Lessons

Online account/app to view swings and lessons

Individual Lesson £90 (Members £80)

50 Minute lesson

Lesson packages are valid for 6 months. 


On The Course Playing Lessons:


2 Hour On Course Lesson - £175

2 Hour (9 holes) playing lesson at an outdoor course.

(course can be selected by the player or based on ability/location).

4 Hour On Course Lesson - £299

4 Hour (18 holes) playing lesson at an outdoor course.

(course can be selected by the player or based on ability/location).

The Players Package - £1500

20 Lessons

2 Hour on course playing lesson

Initial assessment

Online account/app to view swings and lessons 

About Adam...

Adam has been a PGA professional for 10 years. In that time there has been a big shift in how golf lessons are taught. The introduction of club and ball tracking monitors have proven older theories incorrect and therefore it is vital that the coach can see this information in the lesson. 

Adam is not only a PGA qualified professional, he is also a certified instructor of The Golfing Machine, Titleist Performance Institute and Stack & Tilt. This combination of knowledge and using the latest technology means you'll improve far greater and for the long term.


Adam has taught for over 10 years with launch monitors and dual video cameras so has seen thousands of swings in detailed slow motion and analysed a lot of data. There are many different ways you can swing and play to get the best results possible for you. Adam will find the best way for you as an individual to help you achieve your best ever golf.