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Ladies Golf Lessons

The ladies golf lessons are ideal whether complete novice or experienced player. 

Learn so that you can play in work corporate days and with friends.

Lessons can be done individually or in groups of 2 or 3. 

Learn and play in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure.

Video feedback during lessons is hugely beneficial to beginners as you can see what you are doing with every swing. This encourages rapid improvement and therefore much more enjoyment from hitting better shots!


Lesson Options:

(All lessons are 1 hour)

Individual Lesson -

1 person £65, 2 people £32.50 per person, 3 people £22 per person.

6 Lesson Course -

1 person £360, 2 people £180 per person, 3 people £120 per person.

12 Lesson Course - 

1 person £699, 2 people £350 per person, 3 people £235 per person.

To book a lesson or a course contact 0203 633 1922 or email

Ladies Golf Lessons, London
Ladies Golf Lessons
Ladies Golf Lessons
Ladies GolfLessons London
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