Beginner Golf Lessons

-The beginner lessons are ideal if you are a complete novice and have never played before. You will learn the setup/posture/grip, basics of the swing technique and how to use all of the clubs including irons, driver and putter.

-Lessons can be one to one or with up to two other friends. 

-Learn in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure. 

-Video feedback during lessons is hugely beneficial to beginners as you can see what you are doing with every swing. This encourages rapid improvement and much more enjoyment from hitting better shots!

To book your lessons please complete one of the links below. Alternatively call 0203 6331922 or email


Lesson Options:

(Lessons are 50 minutes)

Introductory half price lesson - £37.50

Half price first session to receive instruction and try it out to get a feel to see if  you'd like to take up the game.

Bronze Beginner 3 Lessons - £215

(the basics) 

Learn the basics of the swing. This will often include setup, grip, stance,

ball position and the basic movements of the swing.

Silver Beginner 6 Lessons - £415  

(learn the swing)

The basics plus learning the key aspects of the swing that help you hit the ball further and straighter. Introducing different shots such as as driving, chipping and pitching. 

Gold Beginner 9 Lessons - £595

(ready to play)

The basics, learn the swing and be ready to play holes / a course. Learning all of the above plus learning more about the swing to hit it far enough and straight enough to play. Including putting and course management. 

Lesson Packages are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

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